Frequently Asked Questions

You can shop online at or buy Slipstop products from approximately 10,000 sales points in 48 countries.

Slipstop differs from other pool/beach shoes thanks to its comfort, ease of use, variety of usage areas, diversity of patterns and designs.

Pool/beach shoes have a harder sole and do not have much flexibility. Slipstop, on the other hand, has a thinner sole, however its durable, flexible and lightweight fabric embraces the foot like a sock, offering a quite convenient and unique comfort.

While the usage areas of pool/beach shoes are limited to the sea, pool, beach, and surrounding areas, you can use Slipstop safely while walking around the poolside and seaside or swimming in the sea and pool; whilst you can wear it on the beach, playgrounds, schools, gyms, during yoga or pilates exercise, on boats, swimming with fins, surfing, at home, in the garden or bathroom or anywhere else you like.

Slipstop has a patented design valid both in Turkey and several countries. While specially-developed material used on the sole is flexible and light, it has features such as anti-slip and heat resistance, as approved by international tests.

No material with a negative impact on human health, FTLAT in particular, is used in the production of Slipstop.

Its patented design, quality materials used in the production and ease of use make the product both highly practical and comfortable.

Our flagship product group is the kids shoes that are used as beach and pool shoes. As a combination of this group, there are also swimwear, bikini, shorts, trunk, t-shirt, towel, poncho, hat and back bag groups for children. In addition, our product range includes shoes for adults. Remember to take a look at our licensed product group, as well.

Products must be hand washed after each use. Only warm water and white soap should be used for washing. After each use, the products should be checked to make sure that sand, sunscreen and similar cosmetic substances are removed. They should not be machine washed, thumble dried or ironed. Detergent, bleach and similar decolouring agents should not be used for cleaning. No dry cleaning.

For indoor use, it is recommended to use Slipstop with cotton socks. After using in wet areas, it is recommended not to wear the shoes before they are fully dried. It is advised not to dry the product in direct sun light, but dry it inside out in the shade. Under no circumstances should it be stored in a sealed plastic bag, either wet or dry. Depending on the surface used on and/or type of usage, especially in case of abrasive and hard surfaces; some wear and tear or fuzzy effects can be seen on the fabric.

Slipstop does not guarantee 100% non-slipping. There is always a risk of slipping and falling. Please be careful while using it.

Some industrially processed patterns and neon colors may fade away faster due to exposure to sun light, pool chemicals, seawater, compared to other colors and patterns.